MEXICO LINDO Y QUE HERIDO” (About the author)

by Georgina Avila
georgina avila mexico

georgina avila - mexico


For as long as she has been creating art, Georgina Avila’s goal has been to promote social conscience and take action to effect a positive change on humanity.

Georgina Avila was born and raised in Mexico City, then living and working in Canada and recently moved to Peru.

Already an accomplished graphic designer with ten years experience, she decided upon moving to Montreal to take up photography thereby adding to her repertoire of skills. Georgina Avila  has since become a dedicated and talented photographer with a unique point of view.

Currently these series of images have been exposed at well known and prestigious galleries in Montreal and Ottawa. Georgina Avila has obtained various prizes such as grants, scholarships and several international awards as graphic designer, and consider top 100 photographer in Canada according to the jury of the Metro Photo Challenge 2009 among many other achievements on her field.

Georgina Avila demonstrates on this particular project   not only her interpersonal skills and sensitivity, but also her perseverance  and commitment to achieve long term projects with breath taking talent.

Here you can see more of Georgina Avila’s work