Georgina Avila speaks 3 languages, English, French and Spanish

Georgina Avila loves animals, specially dogs and whales and sea lions

Georgina Avila just became vegetarian a year and a half ago and feels so proud of it.

Georgina Avila can’t stand and understand how come people could have some interest in bullfights, dog fights or any kind of aggression with animals.

Georgina Avila loves to travel.

Georgina Avila likes fair trade, fair deals, fair everything, Georgina Avila fights for justice

Georgina Avila has not turn on the T.V since 15 years ago

Georgina Avila has the most amazing friends on earth, few ones but truly authentic, unique and simply the best ones!

Georgina Avila had practiced professionally performing arts, theater, dance, graphic design and photography

Georgina Avila is always seeking for adventures

Georgina Avila finds angels on her way pretty often and thank the universe for that

Georgina Avila has still sense of amusement

Georgina Avila is crazy for Peruvian mangos!!

Georgina Avila had tried hot air balloon, bungee jumping, and shaved her head after having crazy long pink hair for quite few time in her life.

These are just few things Georgina Avila wanted to share with you…

Have an awesome life everyone!